Who is Mars Eve?

Hi my name is Mars and I am the Art NFT Expert.

You will learn about NFTs. You will make NFTs. You will buy NFTs.

My NFT art origin story.
I feel like I’ve always been an artist. The tortured artist lol. I graduated with a BFA in painting and printmaking. I then realized that I didn’t enjoy the politics of the gallery system. I also hated every art related job I had. I just wanted to create weird art, weird comics, and incomprehensible conceptual art. I wanted to be like Duchamp: after making the Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors artwork, he said that the art world was boring, that making art was boring, and that the artwork he could see even if in his mind was way more fascinating than anything that could be created.

I gave up on making art…

Art NFTs reignited my artistic imagination by giving me solid reason that justifies my creative process. My art doesn’t just stay in idea conceptual journal, but actually gets registered on the blockchain. As a bonus, if people enjoy my work, they can own it. Included with the space, is a wild community of innovators that have pushed me to the limits of my imagination, the limits of my use of technology, and keeps me on my toes, on the edge of tomorrow. NFTs are the perfect vehicle for art that is experimental, mingled with future technology, and it is decentralized.

My first NFT sold in April 2021 for $420- I was shocked. This opened my eyes to the possibilities!

Welcome to the future!

I am excited to take you on this wild journey with me.


My Art Roadmap

Lets Ride the Road to Mars!

Its been only 3 months since I sold my first NFT! It has been a wild ride!! I want to sincerely thank all of the crazy artists/mad scientists who have supported me along the way. Without you this would not have been possible. I have created over 30 NFT artworks, have had my artwork displayed in metaverse galleries, displayed in a NFT Steam game, projected live at Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021, and have my artwork in over 50 wallets! I built MFND.org to inventory my NFT artworks- to catalog my crypto-art carreer. My newest project, ArtNFTExpert is pure art NFT edutainment!

Vision: To create long term value for cryptoart enthusiasts, artists, and collectors, through inspiring art, innovative experimenfts, and humurous commentary. My projects embrace art NFT history, and push conceptual boundaries. I will be documenting my journey in oder to help others.

NFT Art Projects

CryptoPukns | a humerous celebration and commentary on crypto collectables from art NFT history, current avatar culture, and crypto fads.

MarsX Ghosted | my ghost avatar consumes all!! If you want to get ghosted? DM me: @mars_eve

POP AF | Pop Art Disfunctions!

Coming Soon

666Beasts | Collaborative monster project. Each creature is uniquely made for this project. Rarities? Each artwork is distinct!

Sacredism | Metaverse Metaphysics

NFT Foundations and ExerimeNFTs

MFND.org | the Ministry For Nefarious Design is the detailed catalog of my NFT artworks. Each digital asset is numbered and documented(date, chain, media, history).

ArtNFTExpert.com | an edutainment crypto-art hub for learning the basics of crypto-art, as well as experimenting with new NFT processes.

Coming Soon

ComiXage.com | experimenting with comix NFTs

Sacredism | fine art NFT curation

Next Steps
-Mailing list for ArtNFTExpert
-ArtNFT Discord via $EXPERT
-Throttle down MFers!!

Longterm Plans
To keep art decentralized. To experimeNFT with art and technology. I’m not going anywhere… my wife and I have been married for 32 years; I understand commitment.

Here are some of my links!