Why Should I Make Art NFTs?

If you are an illustrator, why should you get started with crypro art and NFT?

Illustrators should start making their own NFTs because of the future freelance opportunities.

Of course there are many illustrators who don’t want to try to make a living at designing and creating their own IP, but there is already a growing market for the need of digital illustrators for digital crypto art products. It would seem natural that the crypto market would be recruiting crypto artists.

Already there are three kinds of projects that are soliciting crypto artists.

The biggest market is gaming. The NFT gaming space is about to explode. Once we get the first crypto game that people actually make a profit from easily, there’s going to be a gold rush. All these game developers, most of them will be independent, will need illustrators.

Another crypto market is collectibles. Already with the popularity of TopShot and other sports collectibles- they all need illustrators. Every NFT project needs an illustrator. Even when you look at collectible avatars like the Board Ape Yacht Club, they had hired a team of seven or nine artists to design all the apes. Because of the popularity of BAYC, they’re expecting a flood of new avatar collectible NFTs. These guys will be looking for illustrators.

The music industry. As the music industry is trying to figure its legal issues with NFTs, it is obvious that it’s going to be a strong aspect. I already personally know several NFT artists that have been commission by record labels to do artwork for the music industry related crypto art.

To get hired as a freelance crypto artist, it would seem logical that you should go through the NFT minting and listing process to understand(and get a digital wallet). You can think of your crypto art presence as an online portfolio for other crypto ventures. I’m sure there will be a crypto version of Indeed or Monster being built right now. In the meantime you can find job opportunities on Twitter and in Discords. You can even fine specific targeted job opportunities in communities like TMFA. The unique aspect of TMFA is their job board. You either have to be an active member, excepted to be onboarded, or buy 10 art coin to join the Discord.

AND Beeple. Beeple is an illustrator and conceptual artist. Yes he is the guy that whose work sold for $69 million. He is also still making an illustration every day and posting it online. He is still in illustrator.

Get started now!