Mars Eve Roadmap

Lets Ride the Road to Mars!

Its been only 3 months since I sold my first NFT! It has been a wild ride!! I want to sincerely thank all of the crazy artists/mad scientists who have supported me along the way. Without you this would not have been possible. I have created over 30 NFT artworks, have had my artwork displayed in metaverse galleries, displayed in a NFT Steem game, projected live at Bitcoin Conference Miami 2021, and have my artwork in over 50 wallets! I built to inventory my NFT artworks- to catalog my crypto-art carreer. My newest project, ArtNFTExpert is pure art NFT edutainment!

Vision: To create long term value for cryptoart enthusiasts, artists, and collectors, through inspiring art, innovative experimenfts, and humorous commentary. My projects embrace art NFT history, and push conceptual boundaries. I will be documenting my journey in order to help others.

NFT Art Projects

CryptoPukns | a humorous celebration and commentary on crypto collectibles from art NFT history, current avatar culture, and crypto fads.

MarsX Ghosted | my ghost avatar consumes all!! If you want to get ghosted? DM me: @mars_eve

POP AF | Pop Art Disfunctions!

Coming Soon

666Beasts | Collaborative monster project. Each creature is uniquely made for this project. Rarities? Each artwork is distinct!

Sacredism | Metaverse Metaphysics

NFT Foundations and ExerimeNFTs | the Ministry For Nefarious Design is the detailed catalog of my NFT artworks. Each digital asset is numbered and documented(date, chain, media, history). | an edutainment crypto-art hub for learning the basics of crypto-art, as well as experimenting with new NFT processes.

Coming Soon | experimenting with comix NFTs

Sacredism | fine art NFT curation

Next Steps
-Mailing list for ArtNFTExpert
-ArtNFT Discord via $EXPERT
-Throttle down MFers!!

Longterm Plans
To keep art decentralized. To experimeNFT with art and technology. I’m not going anywhere… my wife and I have been married for 32 years; I understand commitment.