Hey experts, this is our first NFT notes! 8/2/21

Today I was thinking about avatar/PFP projects. These are the 10,000+ generated software image projects that usually revolve around some kind of face/cartoon representation. This all started with the crypto punks, than the board a yacht club became a hit. Then there are cool cats, Qatar cats, Stoner cats, and every other kind of animal thing…

Its understood that these are definitely social signaling. But today I was thinking that these are actually Internet fashion. So when I think about my crypto project, and other art projects- to keep this in mind. What do people want to see when they open their wallet? What will give them inspiration, or a smile, or any kind of emotion besides yuck… Lol


I realized I haven’t been adding traits to any of my avatars. So I’m researching how to humorously play around with traits.


I started thinking about physical art after being exposed to some non-NFT crypto art. I love this idea. #NotaNFT crypto art.


I truly enjoy the ethos of the crypto verse. Decentralization transparency capitalism self sovereignty community Constant innovation.


This year 2021 is historic because it is the year of the NFT explosion. Anyone who made crypto art before this year are truly OG. For everyone else that is able, we need to push our main projects out this year. This is a historic year, and 10 years from now this will be the year that board apes debuted, general art blocks, the bubble, the birth of avatar craze… Publish in 2021


On Kevin Rose podcast they were talking about collectors buying artwork in complete sets. As an artist I think this is something we must think about upfront when making crypto art. It’s almost like making an album and constructing the songs. Make your work so that people want to buy the set. Examples of buying and sets include art block releases, and even though they’re not that popular, buying complete sets of curio cards, one of the first NFT collectible from 2017.

Cheers! -Mars

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