Art Blobs Generative Art

Blobs and Squeegles

Art Blobs is a generative hand>tech NFT project inspired by Art Blocks, and created by Mars Eve. The latest Art Blobs project is SQUEEGLES, a generative photography experiment inspired by Snofro’s Chromie Squiggles.

The Inspiration:

Art Blocks is a curated cryptoart platform for showcasing programmed NFTs. “Creativity in Generative Design’ headlines their homepage. Each NFT has code that executes/generates a random algorhythm. The code is only activated after the NFT is purchased>minted; the result is a surprise. The generated art is random, but the overall process and code was designed by the artist. NFTs are not just JPEGs, they all contain scripts/smart contracts. All NFT smart contracts contain “certificate of authenticity” and royalty terms, but they can also contain art/music generating code.

Art Blob NFTs do not contain art generating code.

👋Hi, I’m Mars, and I cant write code… Instead, I am randomly generating art through hand>tech.

WTF is hand>tech?
Its a term I invented; I will use it till I can come up with something else(any ideas? email me [email protected])!
I am simply randomly generating art with the aid of technology. With the SQUEEGLES project, I used a camera to image randomly tossed gummy worms. I also used Lumafusion to add animation to the photos.

SQUEEGLES! The first Art Blobs project.

The OpenSea listing:

Art Blobs are NOT code generative. Each projects utilizes some form of random process to create an artistic result. The spirit of the project is to involve play and chaos, much like Duchamp in the creation of his Large Glass- random desiqns created by shooting painted matches from a toy canon.

SQUEEGLES #1 | generative photography

Squeegles is inspired by the Chromie Squiggle project by Snowfro

Each work is a photograph of randomly tossed gummy worms.

Animation is added to the photos to imitate the Chromie Squiggle animation.

pricing of .035Ξ reflect the original Chromie Squiggle listing.

cheers! Mars

Duchamp’s Large Glass

What is generative photography?
Nothing fancy here, its just photographing a generative art process.

This is my first Art Blobs project. Sign up to the mailing list to get future updates…

Cheers! Mars

ART NFT EXPERT Snapshot-13-08-2021-14_56-1024x1024 Art Blobs Generative Art