The Secret to Using Your Personal Metaverse

Tracking Web3 via Web2 | artist Mars Eve


Art NFT Expert/ANE . Q: When did you start making NFTs?

Mars Eve . A: I minted my first NFT through The Most Famous Artist Community 03/16/2021, and it was collected 5/11/2021.

ANE: Wow! Did you have those dates memorized?

ME: No, but it was easy to look up. At the start of my NFT journey, I considered my work as fine art, and I was cataloging everything. I built to catalog each NFT. In the beginning, I was experimenting, and making conceptual art.

ART NFT EXPERT IMG_3210-825x1024 The Secret to Using Your Personal Metaverse

ANE: Looking at that site, it seems as if you stopped cataloging your work.

ME: Yeah, true. It was boring. ADD kicked in, and I was ready to make NFTs and not track them- that’s what the blockchain does. Instead I decided to add NFTs to my portfolio site, and redirect people to . Here people could see my IRL paintings and other digital artworks. I have a BFA in painting and printmaking, but I never pursued commercial work, and did not like playing the gallery political game. I wanted to show people that I was legitimate.

ART NFT EXPERT  The Secret to Using Your Personal Metaverse

ANE: Since we are in ‘website history’ mode, what came next?

ME: was next. I launched the site in March of 2021. At the time I wasn’t sure where my crypto art path would lead me. All I knew is that I loved the NFT space, and that I needed to claim my stake. So coming from Web2, I knew I had to build digital real estate. At the time, I was part of Matty Mo’s TMFA. He called himself The Most Famous Artist; so I decided to become the Art NFT Expert. Initially the site was created to be a SEO beacon for my art. Now that I am career crypto artist, I am repurposing the site as a journal for my crypto artist journey.

ANE: Are there other websites?

ME: Yes, I have my main crypto art website: – This is my official artist site. I also built for a new art utility that I will be launching in June. I have several other domains, but they all point to either link-trees, or NFT marketplaces.

ANE: What’s next?

ME: Making more bad-ass NFT art!

ANE: No… what is your next website?

ME: I am done with Web2. I am focusing on making my art, and sharing my journey, here on ArtNFTExpert.

ANE/ME: Cheers!


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