Top Crypto Artists

Who are the Most Famous Crypto Artists?

With the Cryptoverse transforming exponentially, this list can easily be obsolete in days..

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For a new NFT artist/collector, these artists are essential to know.

The most infamous concept artist ever!
Beeple is not a traditional fine artist. Mike Winkleman has been more of a blue-coller digital illustrator, mostly known for his ‘Everydays’. He is still creating a concept artwork(start to finish) everyday- even after his successful Sotheby’s sale for
I would label Beeple’s style as Pop Futurism.


Frederic Duquette is a 3D wizard. In the cryptoverse, you can call him a sculptor, and virtual world architect.
Follow this IG trail, and you will see an amazing transformation, and crazy amount of artwork! He is a machine!!
AUGUST 5, 2015
April 17, 2019 Broken Beauty made
October 26, 2020 I believe this to be his first NFT(on SuperRare) – sold for 15 ETH—15269

My very first drop was bought by @Ioannis_AG for 15 ETH

Thank you so much!!
💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💎@SuperRare_co— FVCKRENDER (@fvckrender) October 27, 2020

April 17, 2019 Broken Beauty listed/sold—15649
Dec 4, 2020 First Nifty Gateway drop
Now he was an artwork selling at Christies! (remember his first NFT sold last October-2020)

This anonymous artist is an early adopter with NFTs. He has a unique signature style unlike most in the cryptoverse. He has an animated-glitched

Maddog Jones




Trevor Jones

Cryptoart Projects you need to know:


How to find top NFT artists you like:
Immediately you will see the highest selling artists, with Beeple holding the tops 3 sspots.
Make sure and click ‘Latest’ to see artwork that has just been purchased.

Browse the top marketplaces for artists you like, THEN add them to your Twitter feed, and interact!

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