nft beeple

Dark Horse 🐴 Beeple

Beeple is a concept artist.

ART NFT EXPERT Dark Horse 🐴 Beeple

Beeple is a concept artist that made $69 million for the sale of one work through Christie’s auction house.


Nobody needs to get upset over the term concept artist. During the 90s I investigated becoming a concept artist myself… And I just didn’t fit.

BUT there is no way I would’ve ever predicted a concept artist to have artwork selling at Christie’s… Especially for $69 million!!


Beeple did not sell his work because he is a concept artist.

He sold his work because:

  1. he did what he wanted to do
  2. was passion about it💎
  3. consistent
  4. serendipity of getting involved with crypto art= right place, right time.

His work sold, not because he’s a concept artist, BUT because he is a successful crypto artist. He has been selling crypto work for only a few years to a very niche collector base. These collectors are not even traditional art collectors. They are Cryptocurrency Investors.💎

ART NFT EXPERT Dark Horse 🐴 Beeple

So- one of the most successfully financial artist of our time is not from the fine art world, and not financed by the fine art world.

🐴In the fine art world, Beeple is a dark horse.

So, as an artist do what you want!


If your work blurs the lines, then keep blurring them! 13 years ago, crypto art didn’t even exist, and hell, concept art is not even seen as a fine art at all…

Giddy up yo!

cheers, Mars